Born in Miami Beach Florida in 1980, Jennifer Kaiser put paint to canvas for the first time in 2002 and has not stopped painting since. Jennifer’s life as an artist began with writing music and performing solo singer/songwriter shows in Miami from 1996 until 2005. Her career as a singer/songwriter took an exciting turn when she released her alternative album “Masquerade” on i-Tunes in 2011, opened up for Soul Asylum in 2012, and released her video “Don’t Hide” on All the while through the years of Jennifer’s songwriting and musical performances, she painted. When Jennifer began painting, her passion for her artwork flourished and since then she has expressed her subconscious through the use of pastels, acrylics and mostly anything that will stain color onto paper, canvas, and wood. Having no formal education in art, she is a self-taught talent with hidden messages in her paintings. With a natural eye for color, Jennifer creates beautiful, intricate, and unique abstract paintings. Her use of symbolism such as eyes, lizards, and devil horns, set a dark tone to many of her works. However dark and demonic, she has works equally as light and angelic. Just when you think you see all the faces in her paintings, you are sure to find another one looking back at you. Jennifer has sparked the interests of many private collectors and has several works in private collections. Her art has been displayed in expositions that include Art Basel 2009 and Wynwood Art Walk at Puzzlement Gallery, the Hiho Batik, a benefit for the “Reach for the Stars Foundation” to help raise funds supporting cystic fibrosis, and her “Little Boy and Little Girl” paintings were featured as the centerfold of “Collate” Art Magazine which is a magazine distributed to subscribing Museums, Libraries and Art Collections throughout Europe. Jennifer currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida where she is working on a bachelor’s degree in social work at FIU, writes songs for her upcoming alternative album, and continues to work on her paintings. For the first time since collectors took interest in her works of art, Jennifer has a website where limited editions of her original artworks can be custom ordered.